Behaviour & Allied Health


Interaction psychologists and provisional psychologists are qualified to conduct assessments in a number of specific areas.  The team are skilled in adapting assessments and the environment in ways that maintain the integrity of the assessment, whilst considering the needs of the person. A written report is always provided, as well as the opportunity for a feedback session as a part of the service.

Some examples of the types of assessments we currently offer include:

  • Cognitive ability
  • NDIS eligibility
  • Memory
  • General academic learning
  • Mental Health screening in the context of the person’s disability e.g. anxiety, depression, psychosis, ADHD, conduct
  • Capacity to provide informed consent e.g. for Guardianship Tribunal hearing
  • Accommodation Model Options
  • Suitability – choosing who to live with
  • Dementia screening, for people with an Intellectual or Developmental Disability
  • Behaviours of concern
  • Risk
  • Sexual knowledge

Interaction’s team of practitioners can provide behaviour assessment under the NDIS support category called ‘Improved Relationships’, and often all other assessments under the NDIS support category of ‘Improved Daily Living’. Individuals and organisations can also choose to pay for assessments or may have alternative funding. Please see our Consultancy page for our fee schedule or alternatively contact us for further information.

Have you been asked to provide an assessment but not sure what you need to ask for and can’t find it here? Please contact the Behaviour & Allied Health team ( ) and we will be more than happy to discuss your needs.

Behaviour & Allied Health Services Offered