Your Stories

Your Stories

Xandra and Lynne’s Story

Stephanie, Xandra, Lynne and Marlissa have been living together in one of Interaction’s high support houses for many years, and are great friends.

Michael’s Story

I have a good sense of humour and I am kind, and I love to make funny jokes. I like hanging out with my family and going on holidays.

Aiden and Nikkie’s Story

Living at an Interaction house has given my son a quality of life I didn’t think possible. It was tough to put my son into care but Interaction has been very caring.

Jody’s Story

Even though I have a very busy week working 5 days and fitting in different therapies like physio, I think finding time to relax is important.

Paul’s Story

I’ve been with Interaction for 4 years. My Support Coordinator supports me very well by offering me choices around my supports, which makes me feel comfortable.

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