NDIS Support Coordination Penrith

Support Coordination is a service that matches participants with a dedicated Support Coordinator. Your Support Coordinator will:

  • Explain what is and isn’t covered in an NDIS plan
  • Help you plan the best way to use your NDIS funding
  • Connect you with different community services and supports
  • Help you to prepare for NDIS reviews

NDIS meetings with a Support Coordinator can take place with or on behalf of the participant. Overall, this will  provide choice and control around the various supports that are available to you.

If you need more information about NDIS Support Coordination in Penrith, please email supportcoordinators@interactionservices.org or call 1300 668 123.

Why Accessing NDIS Support Coordination in Penrith is Important?

Accessing NDIS Support Coordination in Penrith ensures that participants receive the support they need to participate in daily life.

Interaction’s support services cover all aspects of the process, from explaining what an NDIS plan involves to reviewing ongoing progress. At each stage, our team works with you to build confidence and develop important life skills.

Why Choose Interaction for Disability Support Workers / Coordinators in Penrith?

Our Disability Support Workers / Coordinators have worked with people from different backgrounds and support needs, enabling us to offer professional assistance in multiple areas, from supporting you in obtaining the appropriate NDIS funding to access the most suitable supports.

Your Interaction Support Coordinator will be your primary contact in case of any issues, questions, or concerns about your NDIS Plan. With Interaction, every participant receives expert guidance and support to help them navigate the NDIS process and achieve their individual life goals.

Support Coordination is an important service for participants who need support to learn the skills they require in their daily life.

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