Disability Accommodation in Blacktown

Interaction offers a wide range of accommodation options for people living with disability. Interaction can help you find a place to live, or match you with housemates in a supported environment.

Accommodation is generally available in three major forms. These are:

  • Drop-In Accommodation
  • High Support Accommodation
  • Unplanned Onsite Support

In each case, we work to find a living situation that matches your unique needs, circumstances and goals. Finding the right living situation can make a huge difference.

If you need help with NDIS housing in Blacktown, explore our current vacancies here.

Find NDIS Housing in Blacktown

Interaction’s NDIS-funded homes, where participants are paired with housemates to live together, is one of our most sought-after accommodation options. This is an ideal solution for those who want independence, while also enjoying the companionship of housemates and having the necessary support available when required.

If you are uncertain about where to begin, we are available to guide you in selecting the most effective support option. Our goal is to enable you to live as independently as you choose, while also providing support where it is required.

Choosing where you live and who you live with is a major life decision. We are here to help you find NDIS housing in Blacktown and surrounding areas of Sydney that best suits your needs.

Disability Housing Vacancies – Blacktown & Surrounding Suburbs

If you are looking for independent living arrangements, we can provide a range of tailored supports. These supports are both practical like shopping, budgeting and attending appointments, or centred on skill development to aid the transition into independent living.

With disability housing vacancies in the Blacktown area, we can facilitate a transition to Drop-In, High-Support or Unplanned Onsite Supported accommodation . Our High-Support accommodation involves 24 hour supports for participants with complex medical needs or behavioural concerns.

Supported Independent Living Blacktown

Independent living is an important life goal. At Interaction, we take great pride in supporting participants in their journey to find suitable residential accommodation. Supported Accommodation can be funded through your NDIS plan and has been designed to provide you with practical and flexible assistance – supporting your goals for where and how you want to live.

Our enthusiastic, experienced and qualified staff are ready to help you find supported independent living in Blacktown. We believe that finding the right accommodation has countless positive benefits and we’re here to ensure that this transition is as smooth and seamless as possible.

Leading Specialist Disability Accommodation Agency in Blacktown

Interaction Disability Services is a prominent specialist disability accommodation provider offering supports to the Blacktown community. We are dedicated to offering supports to people with disability, and our service has cemented Interaction Disability Services as one of the best NDIS support providers in Blacktown.

The NDIS offers funding to compatible participants for accommodation. Through Interaction Disability Services, participants can access housing with modified amenities such as no steps, wide doorways, wheelchair access, and support railings, as well as other installations and infrastructure to support people with disability to live an independent life.

How do I Apply for Specialist Disability Accommodation in Blacktown?

If you have an NDIS plan that includes funding for accommodation get in touch with us to start working with our friendly team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interaction Disability Services and how do they provide specialist disability accommodation in Blacktown?

Interaction Disability Services was founded in 1979 by a group of parents that wanted to help their children with disability live the individual lives they wanted. Today, we carry on their legacy, specialising in supported disability accommodation and offer a variety of other services. If your NDIS plan includes accommodation, we can work with you to find suitable living arrangements according to your personal preferences

Can Interaction Disability Services help me navigate the process of finding the right disability accommodation in Blacktown?

Our team is experienced in the process of finding accessible housing in Blacktown. Since its inception, Interaction Disability Services has specialised in supported accommodation for people with disability.

Apart from Blacktown, are there any other areas where Interaction Disability Services offers specialist disability accommodation services?

As one of the top NDIS support providers in Sydney, we provide multiple services all throughout the state. You can see a full list of what services we offer and where here.

What are some reasons to choose Interaction as a specialist disability accommodation agency in Blacktown?

Aside from our wealth of experience, our extensive services, and range of locations, Interaction Disability Services has built a reputation of excellence based on our dedication to our participants, empathetic and knowledgeable team, and ability to find exactly what our clients are looking for.

How do I apply for specialist disability accommodation in Blacktown through Interaction?

The first thing you have to do is ensure that you qualify for NDIS support. Once you have been approved and your plan includes any of Interaction Disability’s Services areas of support, you can contact us in order to begin working on the process of accessing the necessary support.

Phil Drury

Phil Drury

Senior Manager – Accommodation & Shared Living

Phil began in his career in the Central West in 2008 as a support worker and never looked back. After working in various day programs and respite services in the area before moving to Sydney, he soon found agency work, which ultimately led him to Interaction in 2016.

Starting first as a Social Educator and then moving into the role of Team Leader at one of Interaction’s residential properties, Phil is now a Senior Manager within our Accommodation Team.

He is still as passionate about the industry as he was when he first started. Phil considers his current role as one of support, albeit through a different window where he is able to improve the lives of our participants by working through others.

Hayley Becus-Higgins

Hayley Becus-Higgins

Accommodation Manager

Beginning her career in the disability sector as a support worker in 2015, Hayley has been with Interaction since 2018. She soon moved into the position of Team Leader and then House Manager for one of Interaction’s high support accommodation facilities. Hayley is currently in the position of Accommodation Manager for a group of supported accommodation facilities.

Hayley is currently studying a Cert IV in Disability. As soon as she started supporting participants, she knew it was exactly where she wanted to be and hasn’t looked back.

Ashleigh Collins

Ashleigh Collins

Accommodation Manager

Ashleigh has worked in the disability sector since 2018 in various roles including support worker, house coordinator and site manager. She currently holds the position of Accommodation Manager at Interaction. Ashleigh holds a Cert IV in Disability and a Diploma in Community Sector Management. She is passionate about advocating, growing, and leading within the disability sector.

Jasmine Goss

Jasmine Goss

Accommodation Manager

Jasmine has worked in the disability sector for more than 13 years, with experience in supporting babies and children, one-to-one support work and in-home care. Since working at Interaction, Jasmine has supported participants across various accommodation facilities, however her training has provided her with specialised knowledge of PWS. Prior to stepping into her current role of Accommodation Manager, Jasmine was Acting House Manager for a PWS-specific home. In addition to a Cert III in Children’s Services, Cert III in Assistant Nursing, Jasmine is currently studying a Cert IV in Disability.

Holly Nicol

Holly Nicol

Accommodation Manager

Holly started her career with Interaction in 2018 as a Support Worker, soon moving into the position of House Manager. Holly’s extensive experience working in Interaction’s supported accommodation homes allows her to support participants with genuine empathy, skills that serve her well in her current position of Accommodation Manager. Holly also undertakes Acting Senior Manager duties as required during periods of extended leave in the Senior Team.

Katherine Cap

Katherine Cap

Accommodation Manager

Katherine has worked in the Aged and Disability sector for more than 8 years experiencing a number of roles including Support Worker, Team Leader and Acting Senior Manager. She currently holds a Diploma of Community Services in Case Management.

Katherine  has found a passion for helping her clients reach their goals keeping her motivated to provide the high standard of supports to her participants.

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