NDIS Providers Newcastle

Interaction Disability Services is dedicated to providing NDIS services to Newcastle participants. Our organisation is a leading NDIS provider and recognised for offering quality services designed to enhance the lives of people with disability.

Disability Services in the Newcastle Area

Interaction Disability Services was founded in 1979, meaning we’re one of the most tenured providers of NDIS services in Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. We offer a range of services in the area, including Behaviour and Allied Health Services, Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination.

As a part of our Community Participation framework, we also offer Travel Training and other courses that are designed to encourage independent living.

Access Our NDIS Services in Newcastle

If you have an NDIS plan, contact us today and learn how our supports can fit within your funding. If you need advice or guidance on how to access the NDIS in Newcastle, call our friendly team and we will be happy to chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What NDIS services do you offer in Newcastle?

In Newcastle, we offer Behavioural and Allied Health Services, allowing us to connect NDIS participants with behaviour support practitioners and psychologists. We also offer Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination to Newcastle residents.

What makes your disability services in Newcastle different?

Our services are renowned for offering the highest standard in NDIS support services. Our empathetic, knowledgeable staff are dedicated to supporting our participants throughout the entire process.

How do you promote community participation in Newcastle?

Our Community Access and Self Care supports are created to suit each individual participant. These supports can range from assistance with grocery shopping to attending medical appointments or support in joining a local social or activity group.

What is travel training in Newcastle about?

Travel training in Newcastle is about empowering people with disability to navigate public transport and travel independently. Our travel training services teach practical skills to support participants to access their communities confidently.

How can I access your NDIS services in Newcastle?

If you have NDIS funding and our supports are included in your plan, simply contact us and we’ll work together to access the support you require. If you need advice or guidance in accessing funding, call our friendly team and we will be happy to help.

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