Online Safety Training

Free online safety training for people with disability and their parents or carers. Supporting participants to access the internet safely.

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This training has been developed thanks to generous funding from the Online Safety Grants Program from the eSafety Commissioner.

This Online Safety Training educates young people with intellectual disability and their support networks to navigate online safety concerns and empowers them to have safe and positive experiences online.


Online Safety – Disability Supports & Training

In today’s world, accessing the internet is a necessity. Despite the many advancements and opportunities, it is also important to know how to navigate the internet safely. This is why Interaction has developed free Online Safety Training designed for people with disability and their support networks.

Our free Online Safety Training teaches people with disability to use online resources safely . The Online Safety Training is available for participants of  all ages, abilities, backgrounds and needs. This accessible and tailored training guides students through everything they need to know, including how to navigate online scams, cyberbullying and online relationships.

If you have any questions about online safety training, please reach out to us now on 1300 668 123.

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