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Interaction’s brand new Sensory Room is now available for hire! We are extremely proud of this beautifully presented space, which provides a multi-sensory environment. A dedicated enclosed area where sensory stimulation can be controlled and matched to fit the needs of the user. This could be by way of their interests, relaxation, stimulation, therapeutic and/or educational needs.

The concept of a multi-sensory environment is widely accepted as an effective therapy for people with disability and sensory needs. It is also equally effective for anyone of any age in need of relaxation or stimulation of the senses. The positive effects of a Sensory Room will often carry over outside the space into other activities, with the potential to stimulate speech, language and co-ordination, among other positive benefits.

Interaction’s Sensory Room enables the user to control their space and what is happening around them. It can empower them (or their carer) to find the optimum level of stimulation to energise or relax. Some of the inclusions within our Sensory Room space:

  • Lighting effects, such as a projector which disburses light patterns, shapes etc onto a large wall space.  Bubble lamps, spotlights, fibre optics, UV lights
  • Tactile experiences – touching various items, changing textures – some of this is included in our interactive wall panel
  • Cause and effect items – the use of switches to allow the individual to control items within his or her environment, and toys that provide visual effects, vibrate, make noise, or have a tactile feel
  • Soft items – cushions, mats, beanbags etc
  • Egg chair– providing a swinging motion to soothe and relax
  • Sound effects– such as noises associated with various interactive equipment
  • Music

Our Sensory Room can be hired Monday to Friday, 8.30am-5pm. Outside of business hours and weekends can be negotiated at time of enquiry.

Venue inspections are welcome.

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Bookings can be made via:

Email leisurelifestyle@interactionservices.org
Phone: 1300 668 123
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