Parenting with Intellectual Disability

Parents with intellectual disability or learning difficulties tend to have less social support or adequate access to the tools they need to support their families.

Interaction offers pre and post-natal support for parents with intellectual disability in:

  • preparing for parenthood,
  • parenting training and coaching,
  • attending appointments, and
  • navigating the child protection system.

Training for parents with intellectual disability works best when done in the family home with practical support and coaching. Our staff provide one-to-one training with parents to tailor supports needed to ensure positive outcomes.

Healthy Start

The Healthy Start program supports parents with learning difficulties or intellectual disability to improve outcomes for both parents and children. Healthy Start uses a combination of research and practical information to support parents and those around them to create ongoing strategies for successful parenting.

We work alongside parents and their support networks to find out how they learn best and what outcomes and goals they want to achieve.

Contact Interaction on 1300 668 123 or email to discuss how parenting supports can be funded by your NDIS Plan.

Tailored Support for Parents With a Disability in Sydney

Parenting with an intellectual disability can be challenging. However, it is important to know that there are supports services available. Interaction’s staff are experienced, enthusiastic and highly qualified. This allows us to provide tailor support during both the pre and post-natal phase.

Our one-on-one approach ensures that every parent receives personalised support and guidance for everything from simple tasks to complex matters.

NDIS Services for Parents with an Intellectual Disability

NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) Services are available to support parents with an intellectual disability or learning difficulties. These services can assist parents with daily activities, home modifications, assistive technology, and therapies to improve their parenting skills.

Interaction also offers the Healthy Start program, which uses research and practical information to support parents in creating ongoing strategies for successful parenting. You can contact Interaction to discuss how their services can be funded by your NDIS Plan.

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