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The Robinson Family’s Story

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Two and half years ago, the Robinson family found themselves in a situation that was becoming unbearable and were facing family breakdown. Nicolas, their oldest son has severe cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, and autism, he is non-verbal, doubly incontinent and relies on support for 100% of his daily personal care. Their youngest son was doing his HSC. The Robinsons provided a loving and supporting home environment for Nicolas as any parent would, but funding issues with STA and the level of care he needed under the then new NDIS scheme meant that their weekly respite was being denied. Up until that point the Robinson family had not needed to utilise Support Coordination in any significant way and were sceptical of its benefit.

The Robinson Family’s Story

Fast forward to today, and Support Coordination has been a lifesaver for the Robinsons. In the first instance they advocated for SIL and SDA when STA was viewed as unsustainable by the NDIS. Once SIL and SDA were in place, our Support Coordinator helped find accommodation options and supported their family in this complicated process. While the first accommodation option didn’t work out for Nicolas, our Support Coordinator didn’t give up the search and now he is happy and thriving in his home.

But that’s not the end of the story. The Robinson family continues to have major input and support from our Support Coordinator to explore wheelchair replacement options, equipment repairs and support with yearly SIL and NDIS reviews. Their knowledge and dedication to Nicolas and his well-being has provided great relief.

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