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Marija & Dane’s Story

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I am known as Marija, but my birth name is Dragana. I have a twin brother named Dane, and we have been with Interaction for 6 years. Interaction supports us in many ways, especially when I need help like sending a carer to come in to help me.  Staff will help me with my medication, or support me to get ready to work the next day. They help me prepare my dinner, help me do my grocery shopping and budget my money. Interaction helps me with my dentist visits and medical appointments. On the weekends, when my brother and I would like to go to the park for a walk, have lunch, watch movies and visit friends our carers are there to help.

My favourite things to do are listen to music, read and play on my iPad. I also like to to visit my friends and family. I like to listen and dance to Croatian music, and I like to tell jokes. I have a job in the mailroom at Westmead Hospital and hope I’ll be working there for a long time.

Something unique about me is that I can remember peoples’ birthdays and anniversaries – I will only ask you once and will remember it forever!

I would really like to go on a holiday, I’m excited to go to another holiday. I had the best trip ever on the Blue Mountains with my brother and key worker. We’re planning to go to another weekend away, probably Wollongong or Central Coast.

Marija & Dane's Story

My name is Dragan, but people call me Dane. My twin sister Marija and I have been with Interaction for 6 years.

Interaction picks me up from my day program on the weekdays, supports me preparing my dinner and gives my medication every day. Staff also supports me to keep up with my chores, budget my money so I can have a haircut, lunch on the weekends and grocery shopping. They support me with my medical appointment and therapies. I like going to the park and walking around the bush. I go to church on Sundays to pray. I love to travel and I want to go back to Blue Mountains again for another holiday. I want to lose more weight.

I’m really good at playing piano and accordion, and singing. I like to listen to Croatian music and watch movies in Disney+ like Lion King, 101 Dalmatians and Home Alone.  I like to go to the zoo so I can feed the sheep and goats. I like eating my lunch at the park and I go walking to exercise. I love going to the shopping centre, Westfield.

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