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Andrew and Daniel’s Story

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Andrew and Daniel have been housemates (and workmates!) for more than 10 years as part of Interaction’s Drop-In Supported Accommodation program where they receive support every afternoon. They both love to cook and take turns making dinner each night. Andrew is a whiz on the BBQ while Daniel prefers to cook up a storm in the kitchen. 

Andrew and Daniel’s Story

Daniel: “I like to go bowling, movies, shopping, going to the Easter show when it’s on or the Hawkesbury show. I like going on holidays and love to cook. I like being independent and living with people, but having help at the same time. Interaction are very helpful and kind people and they help me a lot. I like being cheeky and having fun with staff.”

Andrew:  “I like bowling. I like visiting friends. I like shopping. I am going to the Easter show this year.  I love to travel and bbq. I live where I live because I can do things by myself and it’s good to have help too. Interaction staff help me, take me places and play games.”

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