2023 Goal Kicker & Employee of the Year

December 11, 2023

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Interaction’s 2023 Goal Kicker of the Year is Aidan!
Aidan was nominated for working very hard towards his weight loss goal over the last couple of years and has managed to lose an impressive 15 kgs! Those who know and support Aidan know what an impressive feat this is for him. With staff support, Aidan continues to smash his goals, and improve his health by routinely attending day program, participating in regular exercise, and eating healthier meals. Aidan’s support team are all very proud of the hard work that Aidan has put into achieving his goal. Congratulations, Aidan – an amazing achievement!

Interaction’s Maria Fernandez Memorial Employee of the Year is Kimberly Herivel. Kim has worked for Interaction for many years and provides an excellent standard of services for our participants. Kim always remains positive and works to improve services and systems wherever possible.  Kim also supervises five BAHS clinicians and passes on the positive attitude and work ethic to the entire team. She is always available to help with advice or tasks outside of her normal workload and is a great support to the other senior members of the team when needed. Thank you for everything you do for both the Interaction team and our participants, Kim!

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