The Cyber Safety Training Project is now underway!

May 9, 2022

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After being named as a successful recipient of the eSafety Commissioner’s Online Safety Grants in late 2021, we have begun the process of mapping out our exciting project, Cyber Safety Training for Young People with Disability.

Our project will develop a series of online training programs to assist communities of young people with disability and their support networks to have positive and safe online experiences. 

Australia’s leading cyber safety experts, ySafe, have teamed up with us to create the training modules. This partnership allows for the unique collaboration of our expertise in supporting people with disability with ySafe’s expertise in the delivery of cyber safety education. 

We will be creating four online safety modules specifically for young people with intellectual disability. These modules will provide the resources and tools to ensure a solid understanding of safe online behaviours, and prevent online exploitation, cyber bullying, online abuse and risks specifically related to vulnerable young people when accessing the internet.

Three training modules will also be developed for parents and carers, allowing this group of critical influencers to access information, resources and tools to support safe online behaviour and encourage young people to engage safely online. 

By providing this training online and for free, young people with disability anywhere in Australia will have equal access to these education resources. 

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