How I get the most out of my NDIS plan

How I get the most out of my NDIS plan

Getting your NDIS plan approved is a huge milestone that can help you receive the support you need. Gretta shares her NDIS tips and how putting together her package has helped her reach her goals.

Tip 1: Base your goals on your interests, needs, and aspirations

I have been lucky enough to be on the NDIS for about four years. Although I have had some pretty big teething problems, I absolutely love how my life has improved since receiving my NDIS package. My support package is based on my goals, which I set at the start of each year. I make sure to set my goals around my interests, needs, and aspirations for the future. This is an important part of the process that makes me feel in control over my whole life, and lets me mature despite my disability.

Tip 2: Advocate for yourself

With my package I am now able to live independently, manage my own care team and choose the way I run my own life. I get the most out of my NDIS package because I’ve had to learn how to advocate for myself and my needs, with a large amount of help from my amazing support network.

Tip 3: Be assertive if you need to be

I’ve learnt that it’s okay to be forceful about your true abilities and the support you need. I also tend to think of my NDIS package as allowing me to live my life as though I didn’t have my disability. Getting my transport funding and going through the approval process for my Specialised Disability Accommodation funding helped teach me these lessons. With the balance of these two mindsets I have been able to shape my funding, adulthood, and lifestyle around what I need and desire.

By remembering that my NDIS package is there to assist me to live the way I want to, it has encouraged me to fight for exactly what I need and desire. I can live my life just like anybody else my age.

For more information on NDIS plans and supports for disability, get in touch with our team here.

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