2019 Goal Kicker of the Year!

November 15, 2019

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Starting in April 2019, the Goal Kicker of the Month award is Interaction’s first participant incentive scheme. Participants were nominated each month to recognise their hard work in making positive outcomes and working towards their goals. All Goal Kicker of the Month winners from the current calendar year are eligible for nomination.

Interaction is very excited to announce Isabella Smith as the 2019 Goal Kicker of the Year!

Isabella has worked hard on finding a job for 3 years and started work 2 days a week as a barista in May this year after facing many challenges. Isabella worked for 6 weeks before her employer decided she was so valuable they offered her work 5 days a week. After speaking to her manager, it was decided they would offer more training in office work and Isabella is learning new skills every day.

Not only has she proved herself as a capable and hardworking employee, Isabella recently co-hosted the Interaction AGM in front of an audience of 90 attendees.

Congratulations Isabella!

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