Behaviour & Allied Health


Interaction’s Psychologists specialise in providing individual and group therapy to children, adolescents and adults with an intellectual/developmental disability, as well as their carers and support people. You or the person you care for might have significant challenges with emotion regulation and interpersonal relationships, or might be experiencing a range of emotional, behavioural and social difficulties. Our therapists are here to help support people with a variety of presentations including grief and loss, adjustment issues, depression, anxiety, stress, relationship and family breakdown and trauma.

At Interaction, we provide therapeutic interventions that are tailored to each individual client. All our interventions are evidence-based, and our therapists are flexible in their approach and responsive to client needs. We believe in the importance of generalising skills outside of the therapy room, and encourage the involvement of other support people – where appropriate – such as a support worker or family member, to assist in practising new skills. As such, sessions can be held with an individual, a family, or with the individual and a carer/family member.

Interaction’s therapists’ practice in line with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and relevant legislation. Our Psychologists have experience in the disability, out-of-home care and youth sectors.

There are three pathways to accessing Interaction’s Therapy services:

  1. Medicare:  Many of our therapists are Medicare Registered. Medicare provides up to 10 sessions per year, where a General Practitioner (GP) has approved a Mental Health Care Plan and provided a referral. These sessions are held in our office in Bella Vista.  Please note, a  gap payment will apply for Medicare Services.
  2. Improved Daily Living Support Budget:  Interaction is a registered NDIS provider and is able to provide therapy to participants with funding through their Improved Daily Living support budget. This can occur at our head office in Bella Vista, or at another location (e.g. home or school). Please note travel costs apply depending on the distance from our head office.
  3. Fee-for-Service: Interaction can provide therapy to clients that choose to pay for their sessions, see our Consultancy section.

Behaviour & Allied Health Services Offered