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Interaction has the flexibility to accommodate individual support requirements – we are proud to claim this as one of the stand outs and unique points of difference.

As well as the individual Direct Support activities that Interaction offers as part of a person’s NDIS plan, there are a number of group activities that the people we serve take full advantage of. Some examples are set out below.

If you have an NDIS plan and would like to be a part of any of these group activities, contact us to find out more.  If you’re looking to find out what’s on and when, our Activity Calendar below will be able to assist. Alternatively, if you are a business and would like to sponsor any of these activities, or if you have new activity ideas you would like to support us with, please contact our Marketing Department.

Click here to view the January/February Activity Calendar, and the information flyer.


In March 2017, Interaction introduced its first Fitability program.

General health and wellbeing for the people we serve are of utmost importance.  Exercise and knowledge about nutrition often do not get enough attention, due to other perhaps medical and general day to day care that is considered more important in the lives of people with disabilities. Carers/family members simply struggle to find the time to investigate and action options of this nature.

Interaction has made it easier by way of offering a health & fitness program.

Contact us to find out more about fitability.



Craft is also available at Interaction (each Friday and every second Saturday) and is an effective way to stimulate and focus a person’s attention.  The activities can be relaxing as well as therapeutic, and can help people with disabilities perceive the world in a better and more in-depth manner.

These activities can bring about changes in emotional, thought and behavioural patterns. Activities such as painting, cutting and tracing can also help improve fine motor skills. Group craft activities help develop social skills and promote better understanding.



Pet Therapy

Those of us that own pets already know how beneficial it is. Pets have an undeniable calming effect on everyone, and it is becoming more and more obvious in the wider community just how important it is to have pets around to interact with.  Pets contribute all of the followings to a person’s life:  a decreased feeling of isolation encourages communication, drop in stress levels, increased self-confidence, provides comfort and unconditional love, trust… and the list goes on.

The people we serve cannot wait to visit the Interaction office every Friday for their pet therapy session.



Music sessions are held in Interaction’s training room every Thursday afternoon, and every second Saturday. Music is a universal language – an effective educational and therapeutic tool for both children and adults with all forms of disabilities – it provides significant assistance with memory.

Everyone can enjoy and participate in music, even if they experience difficulties in other areas.




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